Creating zones in the map that disables PVP.

So I want my players to be able to pvp. So initially i would want to create zones in the map that disables pvp. IE spawn points or beaches, or certain parts of the terrain. I have thought of two methods that could do this.

  1. an admin could place flags that outline a border. Which sets the zone to pvp or pve.

  2. Could edit the default map and build the zones into it.

What i am trying to do is locate in the devkit the files or blueprints that controls the elements of pvp/pve. The ini file changes this setting globally by either being true or false.

I want to apply this same setting locally on the map.

Does anyone have any ideas regarding this. It would really help.

I Like to know this to.

You mean like this?


Yes like that but it seems that lots of servers have problems with it, I wish Studio Wildcard would create this in the game plus also a 2-7 adjustable day noob protection system because I know a lot of players that wont play pvp anymore because of the many bully’s and bully clans in pvp, give new people at least a chance to have a decent start time to build something up. Combination of PVE,PVP is the best way to go in ARK I think.
Have seen many times that multiple tribes hunt new players on a server together (hunt not only noob players, but also good players that quit for that reason the server).
But its not new what I tell here, many know this right.

(sorry for the late reply)