Creating YouTube Vid Software?

I am just curious because I have never gotten into creating video tutorials or making video captures or twitch streaming etc. Yet I see how this is already becoming more and more a necessity. I am curious what Video Capture / Tutorial Making Video and Mic Recording Software people are using and is it by chance free?

I just made my first Vid Using EZVid and I would give it a meh at best it can not record video and sound at the same time - so you must record the vid then while watching it do the sound and that seems very disjointed. Yes its free and did the job but I would imagine again in this day and age there would be a really solid free solution out there already that is better? Is there something that really stands out above all the rest?

Thanks in advance and look forward to reading your suggestions?

I don’t think there’s anything free, a lot of people use Camtasia, there’s also XSplit

I would recommend you camtasia, because after you have recorded it, you can also edit it directly in the program → e.g you can cut the video, add effects,… → I use camtasia ^^

When you use a free program which cannot record the sound and video, I would recommend you to use audiacity to record your sound, because in the program you can also change and edit many stuff

you could try camstudio, its free and works pretty well, It also records video and sound from your mic at the same time.

Okay did some more research and talking to some friends outside of just these forums.

Fraps seems to still be a good one to use but without paying cash it has a recording limit of like 30 secs or something not much - no editing really - def can lag

EZvid you heard my response it has all the editing features etc just wont let you record and use mic as same time - makes the vids seem disjointed and definatly has lag

Lastly and a new one and so far my favorite: Bandicam: Has most all the feature and less lag and can record and use mic etc and ready for youtube upload. Free version only allows for 10 mins of recording though but that’s pretty good compared to others. No editing though.

The issue I see with most of the programs is capture verse editing it either does one or the other well and the other not so well or doesn’t have the other or you have to pay to do any real amount of time capture.

So imho no industry standard open source recording and editing software that does it all for free. You would think someone would have filled that void by now.

i use camstudio + virtualdub both are free both have a good track record.

you need decent hardware and the right codex to record in otherwise you get a lot of loss, if you need help with the above just give me a shout

Try openbroadcaster for twitch streaming and YT recording

Came here to say this; seconded. It’s fairly easy to use, and it works well.

came here to to say this :stuck_out_tongue: I only add one thing: Open Broadcaster Software is free :wink:

if you are using a nvidia graphic card, you can use Geforce Experience’s Shadow Play. It works very well and good quality. Another free tool is xSplit, which is used for broadcast but it can make local recording too.

XSplit is not really free.

Something which should be noted when mentioning this is that recording / encoding is performed on the gfx card using shadowplay. Which is then forwarded to files on the hard drive.

So it can record in HD and not fill up 20gb of hard drive space, and bottleneck the cpu like fraps(etc) does.

I use bandicam and OBS, bandicam is streets ahead of Fraps. OBS for streaming is a pretty good choice.

For decent videos though you’ll need a good video editor. I use Sony Vegas (which costs), can’t think of a good free video editor though. I suppose you might try Windows Movie Maker? depends if you are on windows. To really do it right, you’ll likely need to spend SOME money.

I use Camtasia