Creating Wipeout/Formula Fusion Style Racing Physics (HELP)

Hey guys, i’ve been searching google for the past week now in an attempt to try and find some solid answers to what i want, and it seems like i’m just turning up blanks, so this is effectively my last resort! i’m not really a coder, i’m more of a 3D Modeller and Artist but i’m trying to get into coding a bit to learn what constraints coders have.

So onto what i’d like to know, i’m currently working on a project similar to those in the title (Wipeout/Formula Fusion, i suppose you could say F-Zero but i never played that game) and really just want to know how i can get my ship to effectively hover and move in a similar way to those ships in their game. If there is a way to ‘fake’ simulate those physics i’m all up for that as well. My track designs will likely defy conventional gravity as well like having parts of the track upside-down so it would need to be able to stick to the track.

I have found a Tutorial on youtube such as creating a Hover Vehicle but no matter how closely i follow it, it just won’t work for me and frustration is starting to take place.

The best example i can give is Z-enzyme’s project from quite a while ago, some of you might be familiar with it, it’s called U-Racer.

Please let me know if you need any more information.

Seems like this is a good community and i thank anyone in advance who takes the time to help me out! :smiley:


So i’ve been playing around a little more and i’ve managed to get an object to hover with editable linear and angular damping but now the problem i’m faced with is making each of the Hover Components recognise bumps in the road and tilt the object accordingly and also so that the object itself self-rights back to being in the starting position rather than spinning out of control while floating , i will post the code that i’ve been using thus far to make it work. - Hover Component - Pawn BP

a common trick with floating vehicles is to actually have them as wheeled vehicles but don’t actually have any visual representation of the wheels. this way they act like normal car sticking to the road but it gives the illusion it’s hovering.

Maybe add a bit of slight random movement to the height from the road surface to make it look likes it’s floating up and down a bit.

I believe the hovering vehicles in UT are made like that.

Well the example in the U-Racer has 4 tracers, each of them aligned in a cross. So one in the back, one on each side and one in the front and they’re used primarily for the turning of the vehicle, and not actual physics simulations. That actually seems like a good approach since the movement is less bouncy an sluggish.

I’d love to play around with something like that. Maybe I’ll give it a shot.