Creating window

Creating a glass window make me feel stupid.

Since in ue4 the transparency funktion make the whole texture transparent, in ue3 there was the possibilitie to make only certain parts of the texture transparent and others non-transparent. Also at the non-transparent parts of the texture i would like to have light reflection and i do not know how to do so.

Here some images showing what i could achieve in ue3 before but couldn’t in ue4:

Please someone help!

It’s perfectly possible, you do it exactly the same way you did in UE3. I’ve done it here (this was UE4 beta). I don’t have the material network handy, and I DIDN’T use real-time reflections because they don’t work very well on translucent surfaces. I just used the old cube-map + reflection vector technique. I might reattempt it with realtime reflections now I have a better understanding of how translucent surfaces work.

There are some problems with your material. Glass is not metallic, and not rough. You’ll want to nuke those values to get lifelike reflections, then use the specular input to tone the effect up or down. You’ll also want to preview opacity in the level, because the editor grids seem to draw on top of everything (I really don’t like the new grids).

@TheJamsh thx!
i was trying so far to do so, i faced some problems and with some help i might be avaiable to post a solution how to do it.
Or perhaps do you have a tutorial how to make a glass, or else we can do one below?