Creating Water Displacement Effect from a Rising Landmass

Hi folks. I have some chunks of land that rise from the sea and I’d like to create the effect of water being pushed up and then falling off the rising chunk of land.

My first assumption was I could displace the water shader in the same way some developers use boats to create foam and ripples. But, this may not be the best way, because the massive size of the land would carry water upwards for a moment (1-2 meters) then the water would fall off the edge and back into the sea. This made me believe I should duplicate the static mesh of the land chunk, scale it up slightly, then create a custom material to simulate the water effect on the duplicated mesh. Then it would at least conform the effect to the shape of the land chunk.

Perhaps neither of these methods are best? I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you’d approach this. Thank you for your time!

Hey @peachstapler! Welcome to the forums!

Most games use a visual fx, like a cascade or Niagara system to “fake” a waterfall etc. I think displacing the water shader, mixed with a Niagara system once the water is “Mostly off” is your best bet! However the second idea with the duplication and a custom material IS a rather interesting idea…

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Hey again @peachstapler! While looking for something else, I found this tutorial, and I think it’s likely that you might find something within that could get you EXACTLY what you were talking about with the landmass moving up!

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Thank you Mind-Brain, can’t wait to try this out. Looks like exactly what I was searching for!

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