Creating Virtual Keyboard Interactions (Epic Tutorial): Backspace Key Not Working

Build Type: Binary

Build Version: 4.15.1-3348071+++UE4+Release-4.15

Description: I followed the virtual keyboard interaction tutorial that can be found here: (Tutorial Link: Creating Virtual Keyboard Interactions | Unreal Engine Documentation). Every button works correctly except the Backspace button.

Repro Steps: Just have to follow the above mentioned tutorial. (Tutorial To Follow: Creating Virtual Keyboard Interactions | Unreal Engine Documentation)

GIF of potential bug:

Completed Tutorial Project Download Link: Dropbox - File Deleted

Note: There is another bug report that I posted regarding a similar issue with a different project. However, it seems no one is checking up on that report any more.

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Please do not create duplicate threads. I see that you are already receiving helps on the thread that was linked. I will be closing this as a duplicate.

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