Creating very specific character movement from scratch

I would want my character to turn left/right 90 degrees when I press the a/d keys respectively, but make it a “one-click” type of thing. Also, whenever I press w, my character moves forward a certain distance, regardless of the direction it’s facing. The problem is, I have never made a character from scratch and I don’t know how to create this movement system. Any help would be appreciated.

Turning an exact 90 degrees is probably going to use a turn in place animation and rotate pawn 90 degrees with a lerp towards the goal rotation. Set AD as action mapping not a axis mapping inside the Project Settings>Input. Check W to make sure it is set as an axis mapping and not an action mapping.

But how would I make sure that my character moved forward a certain distance after a single tap on the W key?

Is this a correct (enough) blueprint for making my character turn?

Edit: I tried it out and it just made my camera fly around. Is this a problem with the project or something else?