Creating Variable from character in Level BP

I am currently trying to create a variable from my characters in the game (I have two of them for a street fighter type game). For some reason the first one can be converted into a variable without an issue. However, the second is not working and I am doing exactly the same thing. The top line is the functional one the name of the char is 2DSideScrollerCharacter and became the variable Char 1. The next two lines are two different ways I have tried get the same result for 2DSideScrollerCharacter2. However, neither one works.

The 2DSideScrollerCharacter2 is an exact duplicate of the first one.

Here is the project:…swXSQgR0MLkwq2

I am trying to follow this tutorial:…f1nyZixzpzoPgK. He mentions using get, for me the only option available is get (a copy). I am not sure if there are is a difference.

I just started using UE4 a few days ago so am probably missing something basic.


  1. Both characters appear in the level. The first one appears because of Player Start and the second appears because of the image attached. Which is in MyPlayer1Controller. If I place the second player directly in the level, it works, but then he spawns in with the original one (so now there are 2 of the 2DSideScrollerCharacter2).

  2. In the first node I am searching for 2DSideScrollerCharacter and in the second one I am searching for 2DSideScrollerCharacter2

  3. I have made the change

  4. I duplicated the characters so that I could have two, because it will be a Street Fighter/Mortal Combat style game.

Thank you for the “Print” trick, it has helped understand a little better!

However, even with those suggestions the second character does not appear in the correct position. My goal once that is set up is to have them show up on the created spawn points.