Creating useful and automated blueprints to help with level building

Hey guys!!

I just recently saw a video of someone scaling a ladder in Unreal Engine 4- and was astounded.
It wasn’t just any ladder - it was a smart ladder. First off, it scaled intelligently - instead of stretching the mesh, it simply repeated the mesh. Another feature was after it got larger than the wall it’s touching, it made a finishing mesh.
I know I didn’t explain that well AT ALL, so here’s the clip:
It’s at 0:55.

It seems to be running code as the editor is running. How can this be done? I just need to be pushed in the right direction. :wink:

Another example is here:

All I wonder is how do you detect scaling/moving in editor and how do you handle it in c++?

Ok, after A LOT of googling, I finally found my answer.

OnConstruction is a lovely function run every time a property changes or transforming happens. Super awesome!!!