Creating Ui Character selection screen for split screen 2 player game

I would like to spawn 2 controllers (joystick) , like classic arcade games i would like to activate the second controller on character selection screen when start button is hit and navigate the desired character based on their requirements.

  1. want to check the existing controllers availability. how can i check if there is second joy connected to the game ?

if there is any existing logic pre implemented on specific functionality please feel free to share your thoughts.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Would be glad to hear the answers as well. Especially implemented with blueprints

FCoreDelegates::OnControllerConnectionChange is broadcasted when Controller Connected/Disconnected

You can scan for xinput devices on windows with something like (Super wonky):
You can combine this with listening to the main connection change delegate to maintain a list of valid Controllers.

	for (int32 ControllerIdx = 0; ControllerIdx < MAX_GAMEPAD_COUNT; ControllerIdx++)

		XINPUT_STATE& InputState = XInputStates[ControllerIdx];

		bool IsConnected = (XInputGetState(ControllerIdx, &InputState) == ERROR_SUCCESS) ? true : false;
		OnGamepadConnected(IsConnected, 0, ControllerIdx);