Creating timeline component in c++ to use in derivated blueprint

I am working on c++ sliding doors and i need time line in c++ code. I propably should use UCurveFloat but I am not sure how.
When i create pointer in .h file like that:
UPROPERTY(VisibleDefaultsOnly, BlueprintReadOnly, Category = “SlidingDoors”)
UCurveFloat* ppp;

Timeline is unavilable in derviated blueprint.

When i try to create it that way:
UPROPERTY(VisibleDefaultsOnly, BlueprintReadOnly, Category = “SlidingDoors”)
TSubobjectPtr<UCurveFloat> ppp;

program triggering breakpoint and i don’t know why ;(

Hi Man, You could create a timeline within the C ++, need to do the same thing, as have post some example for me ???


I figure some things but still i need to do a little more, maybe you will help :stuck_out_tongue:
In order to store timeline you need to create pointer: UCurveFloat* Timeline;
it will allow you to store timeline definied in editor.
Next thing is FTimeline, it is structur which allow you to controll execution of time line, the problem is how to add UCurveLine to FTimeline, that is whole problem maybe you will solve it :slight_smile: I am away for 3 days, when i come back i will check your answer.

This just declares that the holding object can refer to an existing object. It does not create it, which is why the property is empty in your Blueprint: it’s not pointing to anything.

This is not creating one either. What this says is that the member “ppp” can point to a class of type UCurveFloat and derivations thereof. This will point to the type and not an instance. The former is what you want but you also need to take the step of creating the object and assigning it.

Here’s the page on how to create UObject derived classes:

Hello friend, I could not create a class of UObject power to control the timeline … Post a example if you can create something …


FTimeline | Unreal Engine Documentation FTimeline is solution for controlling but I don’t know to to add UCurveFloat to it.

If someone can explain me what FOnTimelineFloat and FName in:

UCurveFloat *,

Hi Man,

how have you post some kind class of example?

Thank you!