Creating time lapse with 9000 meshes

Evaluating Unreal Studio for a new project, needing to create a time-lapse for construction projects.

​​​​​​One example project is a real estate building converted from ifc file into obj, consisting in more than 9000 separate meshes.

Trying to import it in Unreal Studio resulted in more than 1 hour waiting, all my PC 32GB RAM used and more than 120GB virtual mem allocated, before giving up without being able to finish the import.

Since I was able to import and work with it on another realtime engine (Unigine) I was interested to know if there will be any way to achieve the result in Unreal, maintaining the possibility to toggle in the project the visibility of every single of the 9000 components.

you’d probably want to break up the import of the objects into multiple files.

I typically separate them based on type, 1 for architecture, 1 for props. 1 for lighting.

This allows me to seperate the objects onto different levels which is handy for organization.

For testing purposes, you could try importing geometry only and not materials. I remember some early tests of large imports, the materials were by far the longest part of the import. Since I tend to not use the imported datasmith materials anyways, I have a script to assign pre-made materials, and just import the geometry and it goes a lot faster.