Creating the ConsoleHelp.html doesn't work

Hi there,

when I try to create the console command list in the console with the “help” command the pop-up says that I can find the “ConsoleHelp.html” in “/…/…/“My Project”/WindowsNoEditor/“MyProject”/Saved/ConsoleHelp.html”. But there is no file.

The package I have created is a development package and I have tried to run the game as admin but it doesn’t work.

How do I get this to work?

Hey Toberto.El,

I believe that this feature was only meant to be used in the editor, so what I’d recommend is that you open your editor, and select the Help->Console Variables option to generate the HTML file, that way it will generate in your project folder rather than your WindowsNoEditor folder.

I have just tested this method and it seems to be working on my end.

Have a great day

Thank you very much Sean Flint. This also works for me. I have never noticed the Console Variables option. Now I can dig through all the commands.

Have a nice day.

using 4.24 and still nada.