Creating textures for irregular UV's

I’ve been searching for a straight answer to this for a while and keep coming up empty.

To set the scene, let’s say I’m UV unwraping a model that is fairly complex and ends up with a rather deformed UV map, for example a head, or any non flat surface. The UV map is far from uniform.

Looking at completed publicly available models, the textures are at times quite deformed, especially when using actual photos. So my question is, is there a standard workflow to take a photograph and turn it into something suitable to be used in a UV map like this?
Even something simple, let’s say a log. If you were making a photorealistic texture for it, no matter the angle it is photographed from, the closer to the edge you get, the more the angle and perspective will change, which wouldn’t look right when looking straight at a face of the model that was not straight out from the camera in the photo.

I’m not talking about going the lengths of photogrammetry. The best example I can find on demand right now is something like this

How in the world would you take a series of photographs and turn it into a texture image like this?

I have scoured YouTube already and came up pretty empty, but I’m definitely open to YT references if there is a good tutorial that I just don’t know about.

Thanks in advance!

Hello Vaelek.
I do’nt see deformed uv’s in your example but you can use substance painter for using photographs and paint them on your 3d model. There are also alot of more ways to do it but I think this is one of the easiest ways to do it.

I believe one of the more used workflows for this is to use a toolset with projection techniques (3dsmax and zbrush have them, but probably every other 3d tool has something like it).
you’ll need a lot of pictures just like with photogrammetry. basically enough to cover all angles
the idea is to project each texture into the model at the apropriate angle, and then manually mix all the projected chunks

Thank you both for the feedback. I never knew Substance Painter had the abilities it does. I had found mention of Substance Designer quite a while ago and incorrectly equated that with all mentions of Substance Painter I’d seen afterwards so I paid it no attention.

I do my modelling in Blender which does have UV projection, but still had issues with realistically blending the various angles together. I’m going to play around with SP for a while and see if that will get me where I want to go.
@StefanCG - by deformed UV’s in that example I guess I was referring mostly to the head, which when flattened out as it’s shown, the process of turning any number of pictures into a flattened texture like that is basically what my initial question was intended to be about. Basically any object not made up of areas of faces flat enough to directly apply a picture to without warping it to flatten.

Thanks again!