Creating Stereoscopic Panoramas using SceneCaptureComponent

I’ve been working for the past few weeks on a way of rendering stereoscopic panoramas on UE4.

I started looking around the engine’s code, and my initial solution was to use a modified SceneCaptureComponent2D.
What I did was create a ViewFamily of as many views as there are pixels on the target texture, rotating around a point and, one row per frame, saving that in the target texture.

It works, but it is insanely slow. I assume that happens because I am probably rendering a full view for each pixel, but looking around the engine I was unable to find anything that could speed up the process, or even find a consistent reason for why it’s so slow.

If I try to render more than one row per frame, the memory use explodes to extremely high levels, which makes me suspect I’m actually rendering a full scene per pixel.

What could be a good way of speeding this up? Is there any way of actually rendering only one pixel per view (as I assume I’m rendering a full scene)?

Thanks in advance for any help.