Creating static mesh with UE4 doing harden or soften?

Hello Folks!

I like doing some basic static mesh with the unreal editor…

My question, can we Creating static mesh with UE4 and do harden or soften them with UE4 tools!?


Hi ,

I’m a little confused with what you’re asking here.

Are you creating BSP/Geometry brushes and wanting to convert and edit those in the editor?

Are you making assets in a 3D software (Blender, 3Ds Max, Maya) and importing them?

What do you mean by Harden and soften?

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Hello Tim!

Thank you for a fast feedback…

I am hoping to do some basic static mesh from UE4, in UDK you just sellect the CSG and with the left mouse button choose “convert to Staticmesh”, can you do this in UE4?..

The soften and harden is to be able to convert a CSG line to soft or hard edge! is it possible? This because the UnrealEditor is much more easy, more precise and faster to use, besides doing all the work inside the editor its hustle free in file format converting wise!!!


Hi ,

You can still create static meshes within UE4. There is no option to adjust the soften or hardness of the edges.

The “Create static Mesh” option has changed location now though.

If you highlight the CSG/BSP you want to turn into a static mesh > Look at the details panel on the right > Under Brush Settings > click the button “Create Static Mesh”

I hope this helps!


Thank you Mr. Hobson!!!

Thank you Mr. Hobson

That was very helpful…

Too bad that UE4 also like UDK does not have a option to smoth or harden edges and lines in the CSG tools!!! to make nice staticmesh with the unreal editor…

Anyway, if you have a optunity can you please sugest this option for the UE4 or UE5!!!

Thank you!!! :wink:

Hello! Do give your opinion Folks!!!

Can I ask everyone to give a opinion why we need CSG “Sonten and Harden” option please!!! :slight_smile:

My personal opinion is: I like to use the Unreal Editor to do stuff with CSG, because of funtionallty, easy use, and always working inside UnrealEditor has a lot of advantages! like less time in doing work, no inporting problems, besides other stuff that makes UnrealEditor first choose in game making editors, UE4 and UDK can benefit with an smoth and hard CSG option in the toolbox!!! :smiley:

OK! Thats my opinion and whats yours!? :slight_smile:


OK! Thats my opinion and whats yours!?

Well, I think that BSPs should be used for what they are intended. A temporary stand-in for the real assets that follow later.
The unreal editor is desiged to be a tool that places assets and combines them to a game/application.
So the “unreal engine editor” could also very well be called the “unreal engine arranger”. It puts things together.
The use of BSP is now to get a rough idea of what you are trying to achieve, visually.

working inside UnrealEditor has a lot of advantages! like less time in doing work

This excludes the possibility that you have worked with detailed or high poly meshes.Sure, an oil drum or a brick is done easily with BSP, but equally easy, probably even easier, in 3dsmax (or maya, etc). But I wouldnt want to have to make a extravagant chandellier with BSPs.

And I dont think its dsirable to push the UE BSP editing capabilities. They would nevert be as good as max and co. and it would draw valaubale development resources from other parts of the engine that need to be shown some love.

And about the edsche-schmoofing :smiley: :
There is a reasson why you need to import the max smooting groups along with your mesh in the FBX :slight_smile:
Becasue then you have it smooth and Epic does not have to reinvent the wheel, again…