Creating sprites?

I saw this absolutely awesome tutorial on building a 2d Platformer game on you tube and rushed to download unreal and realized how freaking AWESOME this is!!
How ever when i download the source files for the sprites and extract them they all work perfectly, then I go to download a sprite pack off google (Ill add the files to the bottom) And it just wont extract it extracts the whole image?
I know the background of the file is different but anyone know what i need to do to make it extract all the sprites???
I’m so lost lol.

Sorry for the crappy grammar.

Sprites packs come in many different formats. Some formats aren’t ready to play straight away, they need to be taken apart and organized. Someone has obviously gone to great effort to organize and format the sprites used in the source you downloaded.

A common format is to give each related image a new file. So walking_1.png, walking_2.png, walking_3.png etc. It sounds like this is the format your source uses and you’re stuck because you have this big image and you want it in small parts. Would I be correct in saying that’s the situation?

Maybe this helps?

I managed to extract the sprites, but the megaman one is not working very well, considering its single elements are not spaced evenly, considering you can only extract them in squares, there are parts of the other sprites… Maybe your best bet would be going in cutting them out with magic wand and saving them as seperate pngs and then importing them and creating a sprit

Sorry for Doublepost: here is how to do it
Cut each frame into a different layer (ctrl+J) and afterwards clean it with the eraser tool so its only the figure. Then select all and choose export. Then get a tool called Texture-packer, select preset paper2d and export and done (choose a pivot point that makes sense like bottom center). You might have to organize the frames more according to their appearence later but it works.

here are the files:!1574&authkey=!AO201pXqusBznag&ithint=file%2crar

Alternately, when you create a sprite, you can edit the render geometry in the Sprite Tool.

Honestly, you’re probably better off spacing them out in Photoshop and then letting UE4 autoextract them