Creating space collision

I started to use UA4 recently and I would like to create a simulation of space.

I already have the base. I created 2 “planets” as destructible objects. BUT the 2 planets destruct each other sometimes, not each time. When the 2 planets are far away and start moving, they pass through each other with being destructed, I don’t know why.

I also would like to know how to stop the movement of an object, I can make an object move but it doesn’t stop.

I hope it was understandable, I’m sorry for my bad English.
Thank you

Hey Rotten.Angel,

Moved your question to the physics section instead of work-in-progress. Hope you get your question answered soon! :slight_smile:

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Turn on collision debug to see what is causing the collisions to occur.

Tilde, show COLLISION

Also, is this on the standard engine (if so what version?)? Or on a custom Chaos build?

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Hello, sorry for the very late answer…

I don’t know how to turn on collision debug. BUT I figured out something, the two destructible objects seem to loose colisions as if they haven’t had collison in the first place, it happen when they are far of each other (aproximetly 2000 pixels far).

I changed every parameters I could find, it never worked… Since I work on a kind of solar systeme I really need them to be able to be far away.


nothing happen when i type it. I play and nothing happen, the spheres stay white and i can’t see the collisions like in other people games. Is something wrong in my game?