Creating soundfield encoding settings for builds?


I’ve recently put ambisonics sound into the game I’m making and stumbled upon issue of crash when trying to start development build with it.
I’m not using any plugins like Oculus or Steam Audio or Google Resonance.

Sound I’m trying to play is rain sound with ambisonics mark checked in, and I have this soundfield submix file created with built-in option selected. In PIE it works fine, ambisonics work and all that jazz.

Crash is caused by check(IsInGameThread()) in SoundField.cpp when we are trying to get Encoding Settings for SoundfieldSubmix.
I’ve read in documentation that Settings are game-thread only thing (probably to enable their modification on the fly?), so I’m not sure if it’s okay to remove that check.

I’ve looked through the code and see that without setting your own Encoding Settings you will get default one.
I’ll try to create factory to enable to create my own Encoding Settings, but not sure if this is the right way to do it.

Am I on right track? Is creating factories for our own Encoding Settings is expected? Or am I doing something wrong and crash shouldn’t occur?

Thanks in advance!


Same issue is this still not solved ?