Creating something similar to this grid

Hey Guys, I have a static mesh that I would like to show the slope. Similar to the video that I have attached.

I have tried a Decal but I don’t know how to get the height from my static mesh for it. Any help or examples would be great.

The grid has animating lines showing the direction of the slope. Take a look at 2 seconds and 18 seconds is better.

Thanks for any help

Hi @TFA_aaronfhd
I would make the material of the ground with a grid (texture or procedural) , projected by world.
Take a look at this ad try setting up something

Thanks will take a look at this

Perfect now how can I show the slope by animating the direction?

Take a loot at spline component,

you should be able to Compute the path the ball will follow and create a pipe to show it properly