Creating simple interactions

Hey guys,

Newbie speaking here. I’m creating a very simple, first person exploration game and I’ve come to put some interactions in there. Problem : How do I do it ?

What I have to do : Set up ten spots across my level, with a particle effect on each of them; When I come close, the particle effect disappear, a variable receives a value of +1, and a picture covering all the screens pops up, until I press Left mouse button. When the variable hits 5, a small event happens; When the variable hits 10, end credits ( again, full screen pop up picture ).

So, most of my problems are the same one : How do I do a picture appearing on the whole screen ( or near whole ) ? I tried searching the forum + docs, but there’s so much to read you lost yourself in there. If someone could give me some pointers, it would be awesome.

Thanks by advance ! :slight_smile:

Sorry guys, have to up! this one.

I’ve simplified the stuff at the most possible. I have one trigger, one light, one staticmesh ( a board with letters on it ) and that’s all. When I go into the trigger, the light is destroyed, and the staticmesh must pop up as long as I am into the trigger box.

Problem, it just doesn’t work ! I can turn off the light alright, but the staticmesh doesn’t move weither I use “Set Visibility”,“Toggle Visibility” or " Actor Hidden in Game ". Can’t figure out why even thought it seems pretty simple and straightforward. What do I do wrong ?

Any help would be appreciated ! Thanks !

I do not have UE4 opened, & not totally clear your issue. Just a shot.

Can the static mesh be hidden by default (just by playing in teh scene, before you step on the trigger), just to check if visibility works.

if you have an actual mesh in the scene, you can create a variable for it (lets call it MeshVariable), just by dragging the object (from Outliner) to the blueprint work area.

Then you should (I do not have UE4 opened so its just a rough idea)be able to drag a line out of the MeshVariable & set the visibility, then link this to the on touching tigger volume event (name not exact). Maybe give it a shot.

If it doesn’t work, maybe try make the blueprint out of the staticmesh (& maybe its own trigger volume) & try again.

Hey starseeker,

Thanks a lot for your help. It appears I already did what you suggest; I’ll upload a pic so you can see more clearly what I want to do. e88305777f4632e215490028668be9f3528869cb.jpeg

Just a thought, is the static mesh movable or static? If Static, maybe making it movable (which will disable static lights on it) will work.

Nope, tried to switch to movable, and also to use “toggle visibility” as well, but no effect whatsoever. :frowning:

Try this, works for me. Just exchange the Press ‘U’ event with trigger volume. Let me know if it works.

Starseeker, thanks a ton. It works !!!

Also, as it didn’t worked at the beginning, I tried a few things. I finally found out what the problem was: I was trying to use multiple “OnActorBeginOverlap” for the same trigger box, and because of that it was firing the first one ( the light ) and ignored the other one ( the box ). Ha ha.
Problem solved with a second trigger box, cloned from the first one, devoted to the light only. Maybe it isn’t elegant, but it works so it’s fine with me.

Thanks again, it’s really appreciated.

Yap, making a copy sometimes does work. Blueprint can be tricky at times. I often met with situation that I cannot get things done, only to find its some restriction on blueprint.

Sometimes they made it clear you cannot have 2 instance of same events, like beginplay, sometimes they did not.

Now that I looked again at your nodes, I think I can see why the problem. You cannot have an event going to 2 output, that is probably why only the non-copied original version is powered, but not the copied one.

YOu can however join the sequences in again (one fater the other) then it should work fine.

Remember, blueprint is like programming, it can only execute one line at a time, if you try to force an output to execute 2 lines of code, something wrong or unexpected will happen.