Creating short grass

Hi guys, pretty sure this is my first post here. I am still a novice when it comes to Unreal Engine, but i am hoping you guys will be able to help me out with something that has had me stuck for quite a while now.

I am trying to create a flat landscape with very short grass. It is hard to explain, so I found this new game on Steam called “The Golf Club” which shows exactly how i want my grass to look. The grass in the scenes too look at would be when the guy drives the ball and he is on the putting green.

I have tried to do this myself and even bought a few grass packs but the result is not what i am after. My tests are usually “clumpy” , not evenly spread out and it also has long blades of grass. I have tried to just apply a green color to the base material for the landscape but that is also not really what i want.

Bear in mind i do not want a complete solution, but merely pointing me in the right direction should do the trick.

Thanks a bunch!

You could do it with a mesh landscape + add a tessellation material, but this wont be so good for the performance. So just use grass meshes (like in the packages from the marketplace) + scale them down in the foliage tool + choose a high density -> then you will get a good result :slight_smile:

Here you can see a good example: https://forums.unrealengine/showthread.php?46392-Lawn-Grass-Archviz&highlight=lawn+grass
Which grass package have you bought?

Thanks for the response. I will try your suggestion but in the meantime here is a better example what I am looking for ://store.steampowered/app/269730/ Look specifically at the portions where the guys drives the ball or putts on the green. That is the type of look or texture i would like.

As for your question I bought the “Realistic Grass” package.