Creating/setting unique id for text? [Localization]

We have around 2000 strings and we’ve managed to translate them all already.
However I cannot find any ids that are unique(Think it’s called namespace in the editor) for every string and I saw the they are all empty.
Is there way to create or set string IDs (Namespaces) for all the localizable strings automatically?
Or will there be any problems/side effect if I just put namespace in the place?

A text identity is made up of its namespace and key. These can be viewed/edited for properties/pins by clicking the drop-down next to the text field (by default these use an auto-generated unique key). For code, the namespace and key are specified explicitly to the NSLOCTEXT or LOCTEXT macros.

If you’ve already done your translations then you likely don’t want to mess with the identities of your texts, as this would make them appear as “new” and they’d have to be translated again (unless you ported the translation while changing the identity - we have some commandlets that do this, but it’s quite involved and not recommended).