Creating Session on Dedicated Server failes due to invalid player controller


I’m once again having massive issues with UE 4.23. Even on the simplest setup I’m no longer able to create a session on a dedicated server. I created a sample project in UE 4.21, set it all up and server and session was successfully created and I was able to join it. If I update this project to UE 4.23 the session creation breakes due to the player controller is invalid.

No matter if I used Advanced Sessions or the default build in session system. It always failes in UE 4.23. Tested it across 2 different systems with several times a rebuild of UE 4.23.

Does anyone know a workaround?

Unfortunatly I’m forced to use UE4.23 due to publisher requests, so using a older version is not an option.
I’m using Unreal Engine 4 since 4.0 and the newest version is the most broken, unstable version I have ever used. There are so many broken systems that it’s useless.

Hello, I have the same problem with you, but I am at 4.21. Can I ask you how to successfully create it on 4.21. I am invalidating the package to ios.