Creating scenes / Prefabs

Hello everyone!

I just started working in Unreal not to long ago and loving it but I have met with some problems. I am rather used with working in Unity before this and could need some help with how to proceed with a project I am on.

The general idea is that I am to create sections of buildings (indoors) that can via code generate a complete level for a user to play.

For prototyping purposes I started boxing the indoor sections with BSP brushes and then later changing that out for actual walls, props etc. Now, in Unity when a section was done I would have parented all the brushes to an empty object and then created a “Prefab” of the whole section and letting it be saved in the project folder, then removing it all from the editor window and started on the next section. This would allow me to call on prefabs via code when I wanted to generate several sections.

So on to my problem;
I have a section made from BSP brushes done but since I can not make them a Prefab I am not sure what to do with all the brushes to save them as something in my content browser for later use.
I have tried making the brushes in to a Static Mesh but collision had problems with indoor environments and there where some light problems as well. Is there any way to convert my BSP brushes to something that can be put away in the content browser for later? Or are converting the brushes to static meshes the only way to go?

Thank you all for your time, also sorry for possible bad explanations :slight_smile:

The only thing you can do with BSP is convert it to static meshes