Creating runtime Skeletal Mesh

Hello, I’ve been doing some research on this and I’m just wondering if anyone knows if creating a skeletal mesh at runtime is possible? I’ve already done some work with importing the data in; the two options i’ve been trying are Assimp and the FBX SDK (Since I’m mostly just targeting FBX format but others would be a bonus). I only want to import in Mesh, Bone Heirarchy, and Textures, no animations. Does Skeletal Mesh support building itself at runtime?

Hi I’m facing a similar requirment. Did you get a solution to this?

Yea, but it’s pretty in depth, I did it awhile ago. My advice to you is to look at the way the editor imports skeletal meshes. You can do it for transient (runtime, not saved in package) skeletal meshes. The editor does it using FBX SDK. However you’re not legally allowed to copy and use the editor code at all in your game (only engine code that’s not part of the editor module). So you’ll only be able to look at it to see generally what is needed to create a skeletal mesh, and then you’ll have to write your own functions.

Hi, you might want to check this out RuntimeSkeletalMeshGenerator.

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