Creating Puzzles

So, I figure this is the best place to ask general questions. I am brand new to UE4, and come from a world where I can program, but haven’t ever used anything like this.Ultimately, my goal would be to make various puzzles, from things like slide puzzles to 3D pyramid puzzles to more standard jigsaw puzzles. In this case, I’d like it all to be from observer perspective, who is dragging around pieces with the mouse.

So, I have a couple of simple questions. Is this all possible? (I assume so, but rather than digging and figuring out it isn’t, I figure I’ll just ask)
Second, does anyone know of any examples or tutorials for something like a 4-piece tetrahedron puzzle? (anything similar, using different shapes to drag and create a 3 dimensional puzzle)

Thank you guys for any insight. I just wanted to make sure I am looking in the right place before I dedicate time learning it all. :slight_smile: