Creating profiles and saves

Hello, a person requested me to create a system where at the start of the game he chooses a profile.

Linked to each profile there are the saves games of each profile.

I thought about doing it with Json, but I’ve been requested to not do so.

So I’m basically limited to basic UE stuff.

Profile should containg:

-audio, video settings, controls, name of the profile and a list of saved games

-the game saves (so info like world position, inventory and progress).

Now, it’s not really my concern what will be in those game saves, nor how to handle them. But I need a way to atleast read some of their content in my game before loading them. Even just last time it was saved or the name of the saved file.

How can I go about it?

Use the savegame functionality of Unreal?

Just need to use the savegame that matches up with their profile name and then you save the results like any other savegame.