Creating patch builds using RunUAT


We have been building our project successfully in Jenkins for some time using the RunUAT tool, however it’s become necessary that we also have the ability to create patch builds using the RunUAT tool.

Unfortunately, after checking through the AnswerHub and documentation, there is very little information regarding the arguments available in RunUAT, not to mention that the patching documentation that is referenced is for builds using Unreal GUI and not RunUAT.

I can appreciate that Epic Games don’t support Jenkins, however, I am specifically asking how to go about create patched based builds using the including RunUAT Automation Tool.


For patching:

-basedonreleaseversion=NameOfTheReleaseVersion (e.g 1.0.10)

-stagebasereleasepaks (if it should stage the base pak files)

For creating a release version:

-createreleaseversion=NameOfTheReleaseVersion (e.g 1.0.10)

Example Command (Server and Client):

RunUAT.bat BuildCookRun -project=“YOURPROJECT.uproject” -noP4 -clientconfig=Shipping -serverconfig=Shipping -utf8output -platform=Win64 -server -serverplatform=Win64 -targetplatform=Win64 -build -cook -encryptinifiles -pak -distribution -compressed -stage -package -compile -generatepatch -basedonreleaseversion=105