Creating or faking inverted point gravity (Ringworld)

Like a few other posts I’ve seen from other developers, I’m looking to create a small scene on the inside of a cylinder where the player can walk all the way around the inside of said cylinder (200m diameter)

I am very new to UE4 and am just sinking my teeth into blueprint scripting to create a small Oculus Rift demo (No real coding experience other than Fortran88 in college).

This is just a simple demo so there is no need for this special gravity to affect anything but the player (and not much need for a body mesh either if its simpler that way.) I have seen examples of turning off gravity and applying an artifical force downwards on the player, though I’m not sure how to set the force direction to follow you around the ring.

I was even thinking there may be a way to lock the camera on a slightly smaller diameter ring and somehow normalize the down direction as you went around (maybe eliminating the need for gravity all together)

Anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks in advance

Galileo ask about gravity, sound legit ^^ For the downward force inside the ring, it’s the force from the center to the player. I haven’t tried any of this also, but it’s interesting.