Creating ongoing rail track

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to create some sort of ongoing trail track in blueprints. The idea is that the player starts in a tunnel and has to wait for a few seconds, after which he follows the rail track. When the player is at the end of the track, he should be able to transition to a newly created track without noticing, for immersion reasons.
I think I could make the player end in an identical tunnel as the starting one and then teleport him back to the starting starting tunnel with the same relative location. But I’m not sure whether I’m able to create two locations in a way that will be identical for the player. I think one difference between both locations might be caused by lightning that will probably be slightly different.

So I would like to know a bit what other options exist. Perhaps I can use some sort of terrain generation or scrolling terrain? It’s not a problem if the player would have to wait for a few seconds between transitions as long as he doesn’t notice.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

You could make lighting identical by not relying on UE4 baking shadows for you and bake lightmap yourselve in 3dmax/maya/blender. Another option is to add some objects which would attract attention, like graffiti or a poster on the wall.

You could create a procedural generated tunnel system where you create tunnel modules the length of say 2000 units long in 3dsmax or whatever modelling program you have. You create 5-10 modules. Then you program so that you generate 4 tunnels ahead of player position and once hes in a new tunnel module you generate a new one 4 modules ahead of him. once the 20th or what ever you choose tunnel has been entered you can then spawn the beginning tunnel as the new tunnel which in turns makes it seem like hes back at the beginning. If you want to have it loop forever you can save what modules are used for each tunnel system in an array.

That is what i would do and hopefully that makes sense.


Thanks for your responses. Sorry that I respond so late!

Eventually, I went with the duplicate tunnels approach with UE4s own lightning. I looked into not relying on unreal engine 4 lightning, but I didn’t quite have the time to use a model program to create the tunnel and do the lightning there. The tunnel is closed on both sides by a door. It works suprisingly well except that there is some “shaking” of the cart when teleported.