Creating objects and textures/materials

06-18-2018, 06:10 PM
So, I’m new to UE4, and I’m trying to make some stuff but I got a lot of issues and I need help, the questions are right below:

1st: I saw that when you make a procedural mesh, making just a simple plane, it is only visible to one side, if you look at it from the opposite side, it’ll become invisible, what can I do to make both sides visible?

2nd: I’m trying to make a long rectangle-like object so it can look like a girder, but I don’t know how to do it properly with the construction script, neither how to scale the materials so they won’t look like they’re stretched. that’s the main issue right now.

3rd: I want to create a checkered pattern metal grating floor, with a parallax effect like the one in this video: UE4 Bump Offset (Parallax Maps) - YouTube . I don’t know how to make the textures properly nor which application I should use to make them, what’s the easist way to make one and which application should I use?

Thanks in advance.