Creating new model from clipped region

When I draw a clipping box or define a reconstruction area, how could I turn that into a new, separate model?

Thank you.

You mean you have a model that you want to clip?

Use the filter - it won’t replace the old model but create a new one…



I would like to point out that the filtering tool workflow (reconstruction region>box selection>invert>filter selection) seems not suitable in certain cases due to the fact that filtering is “deleting” faces and not trimming them at the border of the bounding box/selection box, if I am not mistaken. So a clipping box model export from a very big reconstruction model would be very handy. (Stitching is not really an option) Is there a different workflow that clips/trims the geometry that I am not aware of?

If the above is not possible and you have to reprocess with several reconstruction regions is there an option that RC will use the existing depth maps so that you still have seamless borders/seems? And a more naive question: Even after simplification? 

I would be very interested in 114781555752's proposal too, or knowing how to do it if it is already possible !

Hi and Stephane,

  I will add this as a feature request, if any other users would find this useful please comment below, and it will prioritize the feature.

My workflow is this:

  1. Create reconstruction, and texture or colorize the model.
  2. in 3D view, select Scene-Clipping Box-Create Clipping Box from ribbon.
  3. Create a clipping box surrounding the model you want to ‘crop’. 
  4. select Reconstruction-Selection-Select All from ribbon.
  5. select Scene-Clipping Box-Clear Clipping Box from ribbon.
  6. select Reconstruction-Selection-Invert from ribbon.
  7. select Reconstruction-Tools-Filter Selection from ribbon.
  8. you now have created a new model containing only the contents of the clipping box from step 3.

Any news on the box trimming?

In new pre-release there is a new tool Cut by box, which removes unwanted triangles outside or inside of the box.

Thank you for the fast response. Is the cut mesh then a closed mesh? And how can we look at a pre-release?


You can choose, if you want closed or opened mesh. You can download it from our Facebook CapturingReality Arena site.