Creating Multiple Spawn Points with Blue Print


So, I am attempting to create multiple spawn points to allow the player the ability to quickly move around the level. As it is a large map, I am only working with two spawn points currently though I may have need to add more later. The idea is that the player will cycle through the spawn points by respawning the player character, however, after I cycle through the first two spawn points it spawn the player in zero world space.

The error it’s giving me is this:

Which I assume it means that it doesn’t know what to do with the actor after the third spawn?

Here’s a look at the blue prints thus far:
Player BPs


I’d just like it so that it keeps repeating the cycle between the two spawn points and nothing else, but as I’m new to blueprints I’m fairly stumped. Any assistance would be lovely. Thank you so much for any help you can give.

Your setting the Spawn Points tag to “Taken” when you find an acceptable Spawn Point, however your never setting it back to a default value after some condition such as the Player moves away from that Spawn Point.

This is why your not looping through your Spawn Points and your receiving an Error. The array never returns an acceptable Spawn Point because once your loop through all of them, they are all still considered as “Taken”.