creating multiple instances of the same actor

so i got the basic code set up

if (i > 0)
	FVector NewLocationd;
	NewLocationd.X = 100;
	NewLocationd.Z = 100;
	NewLocationd.Y = 100;

	NewActor = GetWorld()->SpawnActor<AMyActor>(GetClass(), NewLocationd, FRotator::ZeroRotator);

	NewActor->i = i - 1;
	i = 0; 


the actor i got has a cone shape and goes up because of another function, what i would expect to happen is that this one would be spawned at location x 100 , y 100 and go up along the z axis,

but i still only see the original cone going up not 2 as i would expect, no errors or anything like that so i was wondering if it was because
i set the cone shape in the unreal editor and it doesnt carry over to the newly created actor? if thats the case how do i make it visible as a cube or a cone?

Hi Hamsturinn,

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