Creating mesh directly in Unreal Engine?


So I’m creating a game, and I want the Rift to be compatible with it.
I don’t have the Rift yet and I never tried one, but in a few gameplay videos I could see that GUI is quite not “ergonomic”, so I tried in my game to use the least GUI I could.
For the menu, I thought I could create some texts meshs and render them in the world, kind of like that:
The problem is that I want my game to support multiple languages, so I can’t create one mesh for each languages, it would be too long and too big (no jokes here).
So I thought I could create some sort of Blueprint which would create these meshs. For example, it would render a 2D text, and edit the depth of this text to create a mesh.
Do you think it is possible?
If so, how?

Thank you!

UI for the Rift can be complicated, and all depends on what game you’re doing. I’m not sure how the UE4 UI system is going to be once they have the update for it (currently you have to code it all yourself). You can’t create geometry, but you can place pre-made geometry.