Creating Marketing Screenshots?

What would be the best way to take a like “render” in unreal engine. I want some nice high quality images of my objects but I cant seem to find a better to get the images other than the HighResScreenshot tool which always crashes.

you can try the new movie render queue…der/index.html

Ive seen this but I havent figured out render stills with it.

I’m doing the same thing but with video. I agree that the highres screenshot function could use some more functionality, but I’ve managed to work around it with Sequencer (and soon the above mentioned high quality movie rendering). What I would do is make a sequence, set up your shot in there, and then render a short 1 frame image sequence with its render button. Also, since my desired render settings make the viewport unusably slow, I make 2 postprocesses- one labeled and tagged “editor” with settings that approximate what I want with good performance, and one labeled and tagged “render” with all the settings cranked all the way up. I keep the editor volume enabled and render volume disabled while working, then I made a custom game mode called GM_Render that switches that, and also turns on ray tracing for all my lights. In the sequencer render settings, I set Game Mode Override to my GM_Render. Works like a charm.