Creating Logo's


I’m building my trailer and company logo and I’ve learned a lot during this but I can’t find the info on how long is a trailer and logo combined? Is it best at 2 mins or 2 mins 30 secs or less? And how many frames is needed for a 2K film at one of those lengths?..

Thanks for any advice!

30 frames is 1 sec right? Or is it 60?

Normally a video has 30 frames per second, because under 20 frames the human eye can see the single pictures. When you want to have slow motion in your video, you need min. 60 fps to get a good slow motion effect. For the trailer it always depends on what kind of information you want to have in it -> otherwise take a look at some other trailers from AAA :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: I saw some trailers but didn’t know how many frames was used…:stuck_out_tongue: so 30 X 60 X 150?

I personally would use 60 fps for a video without slow motion. :smiley:

60 x 60 x 150 ok :stuck_out_tongue: LOTS of frames LOL :stuck_out_tongue: