Creating locked copies of referenced objects - in my case textures.

This is possibly just a case of me not knowing the terminology.

I’m trying to make a copy of a texture buffer which doesn’t update when the source does - in my case…

I’m using BLUI, a CEF basically an in game chrome browser, which renders web pages to a texture buffer. I’m using it to create textures where I can layer textures and text from the internet. I want to be able to create my web page - which outputs a ‘live’ Texture2D reference and grab that texture to another ref at certain points. Effectively copying the live buffer to a static one, which i’ll want to save to a savegame file at a later point. This is so I can use BLUI to make further textures without having about 20 instances of BLUI running.

Can I do this with a different variable type? I’ve never used the ‘class’ version of a variable, or the asset ID or other one.

Thanks for any help!