Creating "Light" and "Motion" sensors

Currently i am working on a arch viz project where i want to recreate some domotica using UE4’s blueprints.
One of the things i’m looking for is a light sensor that can give out a signal related to the amount of light “measured” in it’s viewcone.
I know its possible to just link everything to a time of day/sun control though i want it to actually measure and compare lightness values for different occasions.

Similar to this i want to recreate a motion sensor that is activated by any movement/change in it’s viewcone.
Again i know i could just add a trigger volume to it, though i would like the blueprint to actually analyse its view for changes/movement.

I was thinking of using RT cameras, though is there a way to “get information” from those cameras into blueprint nodes? like average brightness value (in HDR values) or a delta in brightness/colors between 2 “measured” frames for motion?