Creating levels and environments in unreal engine4

hi how are you my friends

i have problem with level designing in unreal engine 4!

i am environment artist but i have basic problem in creating levels!(in any game engine)

my quastions: 1-for creating levels and maps should i create all of map in 3ds max or maya or should be in game engine?

2-i do not know steps of creating levels.!should i for first blocking in game engine?if yes,so should i export all blocks from unreal engine to max/maya?if yes why?or creating meshes in max/maya and import to engine?if yes,where fromi can to know scale of my meshes that is created in max/maya with my blocking in game engine?

3-all levels are modular creating or just all meshes in max/maya?

4-for texturing meshes should i create all of textures of meshes in max/maya?

5-for texturing should i create for every Piece Separate texture?or can i use like “one texture Technique” from another texture of mesh? 6-should i all of meshes in scene created with baking Technique or can i use from just lowpoly?(baking for all meshes is important?)

  1. Up to you.
    2.Up to you again it’s part of 1, and i think workflow here should adapt to the type of game you work on.
  2. “all levels” are different. Modular pieces are probably used everywhere in every game (apart from Rage wich afaik was made as single unique modelled environment), but unique pieces, sometimes big, really big unique pieces are
    not rare eather so i can speculate it’s always a mix.
  3. some surfaces can be textured directly in UE, but yes most of the content is created in cct.
  4. if you ask if you can use Atlas - yes.
  5. If you ask should you make high poly to bake normals n stuff - no. You should not even model stuff, why bother if you can just plop cubes everywhere
    and apply colors :slight_smile: again, it’s up to you.