Creating level from building floorplan


I’m new to using Unreal Engine 4, I have floor plans of a building and I was wondering what the best way of making this floor plan become an actual building in UE4? Should I model each room in 3ds Max?

I’ve attached a picture of what the floor plan looks like, so you can see what I’m working with.



For this kind of work, i used to make splines. I would draw all the floor plans with splines then i would create walls. For the walls creation, i would copy the splines then cross section+surface in 3DSMax. Well, nothing fancy but it has to be done carrefully and the process is a bit heavy :wink: Well, it could also save you some headaches at the end with the help of the flexibility of the splines :wink:

If you have the floorplan CAD file, then you can import that to 3ds Max as splines, then I would turn on vertex snap and go over the parts that you want to keep (the walls) with a new spline. Make sure you get the inside walls and the outside walls.

Thanks for your help guys, will attempt splines :slight_smile: I don’t have CAD files for the floorplan unfortunately.