Creating Landscape using Nanite meshes: character can't step on properly

I am following tutorials, and some are showing how to create landscape using Megascans static mesh, scaling them, rotating them, duplicating them, and redoing the same process.
This creates fantastic environements.

When i created landscape like described above, my character was not capable of steping on such meshes. I discovered that i have to create collision shapes for those mesh. I created them using some of the available options, in any cases, even the costly convex hull the collision matches the mesh.

I cannot open valley of the ancient project, as my computer hasn’t enough power, but i would be interested in knowing what is the approach.
Is is possible to do a projection of a landscape so that it matches a set of static meshes ?
is there a way to create collision wall which match a mesh ?

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ok, i found a way.
In Complex Collision Mesh, select the same static mesh
in Collision complexity: select use complex as simple

not the best recommandation, as i am a newbie, but it my help someone in the same situation than me

Dosent work for me. i see the collation but i fall trough it. How did you solve it?