Creating Jitter Option

Right now we have the basic Actions for Materials

What we need is a Jitter Action option.
That allows mathmetical equations to be entered into the x y coordinates.
Or an auto option _jitter distance min/max

What sort of effect are you after?

I want to create something that can pan/rotate back and forth at a pixel or square pixel equation.
“Jitter or shake”

I’d really like to help but I need an example. It’s there a video you could link that has the type of effect you’re after?

Sounds like what you want is to randomize the time input. The basic Idea should be to pan over a random noise over time and use that output as the time input to your panner.

Here is a quick example using two noise nodes with slightly different scale to unsync u and v panning.


Interesting! Have you considered using a small texture with noise instead of the noise function? It’d run faster.