Creating izometric RPG

Hi guys, I want to create game similar to Tibia/Diablo. One champion fighting with monsters/bosses in izometric view. With slightly better graphics than Tibia, I don’t want it to be fully 2D, rather something like Royal Quest or Diablo 2/3.
So my question is, is UE4 good tool for creating such a game and if yes, are there any tutorials that I can follow, so I can start creating levels, monsters etc.? Most of tutorials I’ve found are for 3D TPP or 2D games.

UE4 is suitable, there are many tutorials with a google search (, and you can start with the built in Top Down Blueprint example

Start by positioning a camera with your player at the angle you want. Open your characters bp and add a camera component

Okay, but should i start with thrid person perspective and edit camera angle to make it look izometric, or start with top down template?

the top down example moves by mouse click like League of Legends, the third person does not, so whichever you prefer.