Creating Inventory System?


I’m trying to create a ‘Last of Us’ type of inventory in which player would pick up pages and be able to look and read them. How would I go about doing this? I know how to pick up objects and put them down, however would like to know how to examine the items within the player inventory.

Here a reference for what I’m trying to achieve

Many Thanks

You just need to think a little what such item will need, depending on how your inventory system works. For example in base class of item you could have variable Intractable and if it true you call common event (since in blueprint functions does not override… or else i missed something) Interact that you put in base class too. You would also need UI for that, HUD canvas is no good to work on something like that thru, UMG would be better (bu it’s experimental) and you could assign UClass of your widget which would be used in interaction, in fact you could set it up the way that only base class have Interact code the rest is done by widget