Creating interactive computer terminal.

I have been experimenting with a bunch of different useful things in blueprint to not only teach myself more of the engine, but to actually use in my game prototypes.

One thing I really would love to make is an interactive computer terminal, much like what was seen in Doom 3.

I followed this tutorial:

To quickly snap up a 3d Interactive Widget, and it works, just on it’s own.
However, I made a 3D model where the computer terminal is actually at an angle. And I cannot work out how to move the widget or rotate it, the only Transform controls that are exposed within blueprint, are the scale controls.

I am currently using 4.7.3.

I don’t wish to use any 3rd party plugins either.

Thank you in advance. I will continue my search for a solution in the mean-time. :slight_smile:


Well, It seems that I “dun durped”, and didn’t add a scene component to the blueprint. That solved the issue. It’s always something simple :stuck_out_tongue: