Creating inside UE4 or outside

I have some questions about crating a level.
a open World

  • when crating a “open world” and crating content for it such as a building, are you best to create a blank model in , import it then Texture it in UE4 so you can change the look of any model or are you better to texture the models inside and import it over then go back and change it if need be. what’s best and what’s more practical.
    - when crating a Models how much detail is too much? poly count and so on
  • I’ve seen a lot of vids of how to build a landscape as a they uses a lot of props to build one cliff am I best to try and crate a whole cliff face in and import it or just use a combination of props. the videos never show how it plays.
  • how many props is too much let say on a 1027x1027 map (on average)

crating a the inside of a house
- again would it be best to crate it in UE4 and just crate the props inside the house for it or the whole thing

crating a cave,
- use props for the walls and roof, or try to crate a terrain/hallways in and import.

of curse there other reasons that would effect the game, bad scripting and so on.

anther question that’s a bit off this topic is there’s also of animation for the blue man, when you cerate a custom person for you game do you just import anther mesh over the top of the blue man using all his assets or do you import it back to anther program then import it back, what happens to all the animations for the blue man? what is more imported when animations or the scripting that makes it work. I guess there is a product for sale on the marketplace the “Movment Animset pro” it’s just animations, nothing to make it work. when you compare it to other projects with the scripting with it and you can uses the hole thing for different people for you game or other games.

  1. create the building in your 3d program (mesh, textures, uv map,…)
  2. it always depends on the level and the type of mesh. e.g in my opinion around 2000 tris for a tree is quite good for an open world game
  3. I personally would create cliff sets that you can put together in the level -> will give you a good variation
  4. it depends on the tri count, level type,… + there is no good answer to that question so you will have to try it out and see how it will looks like :slight_smile:
  5. create the props separate from the house -> then you can use it in other houses
  6. I would create a cave mesh in my 3d program but props and other stuff for the detail should be separated from the main cave mesh
  1. but then you have to work with scale or? i mean you have to know how many cm the mesh need
    example: i am workat at a round platform with many other meshes on it. there is no blueprint for that meshes. so i have to work free with creativity. what if dont know the correct lenght, wide and depth of the meshes? i can’t work then with seperate meshes, i need to build every thing on the round platform. yes i can build every mesh as a single, i can scale them later in UE. but i don’t know <.<

I personally would use the character as the scale -> scale everything around him and all meshes will be right :slight_smile:

that works only with meshes which are in the size of a human.
a coffe machine is not working with your methode
or a mouse
or a nail
or a the logitech logo of a pc mouse
and so on o.o i am not japanese, because i write emojis.

or let’s take a big flower. like these from super mario, the red one which is shooting fire balls.
you can’ t model what without pictures. and you cant have from everything a picture. example things which are not real in the world. you have only a picture of it in your brain. so if u want build that you need a very good sketch of that object or you can’t model that thing as a lonely object in your software. you need other things in your file if you want model it o.o as example the hole map ( if its small - so it does not overheat your pc system…

e.g a nail is around one index finger long and a coffee machine is as high as the distance from the feet to the middle of the way to the knee. (of course it depends on the type of nail, coffee machine,…). :wink: In my game I’m doing it like that and I can scale everything to the right scale in some few seconds

More examples:

-a pen shouldnt be larger than the hand of the character
-a sword should be as big as a real one when you are holding it -> from the feet to the upper leg
-a door should be higher as the character and the character should be abel to go through it with half spread arms
-an apple should fit into the hands of the character

Of course everything depends on the type of object (e.g a Nespresso machine is not as big as a De’Longhi) and when you develope non-realistic games you will have to choose the scale individually (e.g the flower should be two times higher than the character) :slight_smile:

But everybody has to find his own technique how to scale something

PF. TZ. … i am jealous .__.

I do like my De’Longhi,
thanks for the info, I was going to crate everything to scale anyway, force of habit and all that.
as crating content I there is plant of inspiration every where, I never straggle coming up with a idea but putting into place is the hard part

anther question is to