Creating independently usable mouse cursors during gameplay for local splitscreen multiplayer

Hi, I am creating a game with local splitscreen multiplayer component that requires both the players (Keyboard + Gamepad) or (Gamepad + Gamepad) to operate the mouse cursor independently.

The project is mostly done in C++. The game is a combination of a Third Person Shooter plus Top Down Puzzle with switchable camera orientation during gameplay. And I need the use of mouse cursor while using the Top Down camera orientation.

I searched for solutions and tried using GamepadUMGPlugin to create a virtual cursor and while that allowed me to operate mouse cursor with the gamepad, it did not allow two independently operatable cursors in a splitscreen.

This is an important gameplay requirement and any help in finding a way to achieve this will be greatly appreciated!!!

(My Engine Version is 4.22.3)

You’re on the right track. Create one UMG cursor for each local player and update the appropriate cursors location when keyboard/gamepad input comes in through your PlayerController class.

GamepadUMGPlugin uses the Mouse Cursor as the virtual cursor for Gamepad and in Local Splitscreen there is only one mouse cursor.

So then how to create two UMG Cursors?

[FONT=“Calibri”]Hi everyone, I managed to create fake UMG cursors for Gamepads for Both Players (plus I retained mouse cursor for Player One when using Keyboard) by adding a widget component (with pointer image) to character blueprint and then controlling it with input axis mapping. Also, I spawned actors at widget location through player controller. That solved my gameplay requirement.