Creating in game cellphone with menus?

I am not 100% as to how to go about creating this, but I think I will have to incorporate UMG.

I want to have a cellphone the player will have, it won’t be able to make calls (as it has no service) but it receives texts and phone calls. Also they can take photos with the phone.

I need to creat the animations for when the phone is pulled out and put away along with audio clips. This part is easy. The player needs to be able to navigate through the menu to read texts and listen to voice mails and take photos/view photos they took with the phone. I was thinking of having them navigate the menu using the arrow keys. I figured once the phone animation plays and the phone is visible (this is in first person mode by the way) the screen can power on quickly and the player would have access to the menu, when they put it away the screen goes black quickly and the “put away” animation is played to put the phone back.

would this be achieved using UMG and create a simple menu system? As far as the camera, can I attach another camera to that so when it takes a photo, it is from the phone’s perspective?

I also planned to blur the depth of field so everything but the phone is blurry when the phone is out, creating a sense of realism when the player is focused on the phone - but this might make taking a picture hard since they cant see where they are moving around and looking at (still coming up with ideas for this)…

what do you guys think?

Nha, just use HTML5/CSS
Basically make a website (and please don’t use word or stuff that makes it for you like Dreamweaver, just learn the few basics to get it to do what you need, it’s only a mobile mock site) test it out with your browser and then include it into the game with this

or any other plugin of which there are a few.

Note: Links there are broken

Best of luck :slight_smile: